The Scheme 2018 is now open for application up, with a further extended deadline to 2 November 2018. All local enterprises and organisations are welcomed to submit their application by the deadline.


You may download the application form (website stream or mobile app stream), the application guide, and other reference materials in the link below.

To complete the application, please submit the completed application form along with the scanned copy of your business registration (if applicable) to the by the deadline (2 November 2018).


  • Application
    Until 7 September 2018
  • Assessment and rectification
    Starting from May 2018
  • Final re-assessment
    From May to November 2018
  • First Award Presentation and Result Announcement (Triple Gold Awards only)
    June 2018
  • Second Award Presentation and Result Announcement
    January 2019 (Updated on 7 Sep)

The timeline is for reference only and HKIRC reserves the right to revise without prior notice.